You know that first rush of love, the intoxicating buzz automatically generated by meeting someone special. Pop artisans The Veronicas have freeze-framed that precise moment in their thrilling new single In My Blood.”It’s that elated, euphoric feeling of love at first sight,” Jess Origliasso explains. “I was going through something at the time I wanted to capture. Love and adrenaline are rushing through your blood. It’s like a chemical injection. You’ve instantly connected with someone. You’re knocked out by this person. The chorus is ‘We don’t have to wait all night to know if this is really love.”

In My Blood is not only the first taste of The Veronicas upcoming yet-to-be-titled fourth album, but the first song they wrote for it. Unlike their self-titled third album, which arrived after a protracted seven year gap, the new album documents six months of intense work, much of it finding new inspiration in London. “It’s capturing a specific, solid moment in time rather than a sporadic moments of time,” Lisa adds. “As artists you’re stimulated by so many different things. The last album had songs from such a stretched out period of time, it was ten different versions of me. This album is 110% where The Veronicas are at right now.”

The duo have fallen back in love with what’s on the radio, especially as mainstream pop has moved into a territory they’re familiar with – pushing the envelope. “It’s so much fun making pop music right now, you can get away with a lot,” Lisa says. “Seeing pop authentically shift into that place where it’s a little bit darker, a little bit sexier and become a little more honest and person, I’m all for that.”The twins have spent over half their lives making music and now aged 31, admit they’re more aware of the power of honesty. “We’ve always strived for honesty but with age you feel more comfortable speaking your truth,” Jess says. “We’re brutally honest with each other,” Lisa adds. “We’re totally uncensored with each other. If we fight over a song, that means it’s a song worth fighting for. If we’re not fighting over it we don’t care enough for it and therefore it shouldn’t be on the record.” Jess: “We really care what each other thinks. There’s no room for mediocrity. We don’t want a nice song. Or a nice lyric.” Lisa: “I’d rather someone say they can’t stand my song than call it nice. Or OK. If I win Jess over with an idea that is the greatest achievement as an artist we can have. We live to impress each other.”